Inventure - investor profile. Cheat sheet with facts and info.

28 May 2020 Insights
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Inventure is a venture company based in Finland looking to back early stage startups from the local market, as well as from Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Denmark. The company was founded in 2005 and is quite active since closing a new fund a few years ago, operating from 2 Nordic offices.

We produced a report covering Inventure's work, including topics such as:

- what is the company's culture and investment DNA
- what is the startup profile Inventure is looking to fund
- what is the partners background and experience
- how is Inventure involved in European startups and who are their preferred co-investors.
- country, industry and business model analysis of their investments from the past 18 months

All these and much more details are available in Inventure's cheat sheet profile report that can be read from here.

The Cheat Sheet section is provided complimentary with the data access to all N9 customers. You can read one report at will for free (you need an account though).