Nordic startups which were part of Y Combinator

25 September 2020 Euro Lists
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You are a startup founder from Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark or Finland and you are building a great tech startup business. You have two options - you focus locally and become famous in your own town or you think globally from day one and have international ambitions.

For the latter category, one quick way to broaden horizons outside the local playground is to apply to an international startup accelerator.

Y Combinator is probably one of the most famous ones in the tech startup world. And, unlike lots of real life situations where you need to know somebody who knows somebody to connect you and create a privileged business relationship, Y Combinator has the fame of providing a fair chance for everybody.

And so we encourage you to consider applying.

Now, a smart thing to do in order to apply to any accelerator (or sign an investment deal) is to talk to the alumni aka people who previously were part of the program and have worked with those guys.

As such we thought it would be useful to produce a report profiling startups from the Nordics - Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland - which were part of Y Combinator in the past 3-4 years. If you intend to apply to Y Combinator any time soon, we encourage you to reach out to them for advice or a valid perspective about the YC experience.

The report is available here and is FREE to read, but you need to login in order to access it. It takes 20 seconds, don't be lazy! :-)

Access the list of Nordic startups which were part of Y Combinator

The report contains:

  • a list of 10 startups previously part of YC
  • 4 of those startups are from Sweden, 3 from Norway and one each from Finland, Iceland and Denmark
  • a short profile of the startups, their investors and how much they raised, as well as the names of their CEOs.

Access the list of Nordic startups which were part of Y Combinator

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