The hottest 35 startups in the Nordics right now

08 September 2020 Euro Lists
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In the first 8 months of 2020, the companies from the Nordic countries have raised a whopping $3.35bn in equity funding. That is almost at the same levels as 2019, and this is in spite of the corona situation.

We were curious to see who raised the most money from professional investors in this period - you can somehow say that this is the creme a la creme in terms of fastest growing startups in the region, if we're to correlate the amounts of money spent in investment with the growth quality indicators.

We pulled out from our databases all the 637 deals we tracked for January - August 2020 at the moment of writing, and selected the top 35 which raised the most.

A few findings:

  • the money raised by the top 35 companies in 8 months of 2020 accounts for almost 60% of all the money invested in the Nordics in the period
  • the total amount raised by the top 35 since they were founded totals $4.5bn. The total raised by them in 2020: $1.9bn.
  • the top includes 14 companies from Sweden, 11 from Finland, 7 from Denmark and 3 from Norway
  • top 5 has 2 Finnish companies and 3 Swedish companies
  • 9 out of 35 had raised a total of $100M or more since they were founded
  • 26 from the 35 are 5 years or older companies.
  • 1 of the 35 was founded in 2018 (Voi), 3 in 2017 and 5 in 2016.

The report includes the ranking, the financial details ($ raised in 2020 and in total), the respective investors and a profile.

The report is available here and is FREE to read, but you need to login in order to access it. It takes 20 seconds, don't be lazy! :-)

Access the report The hottest 35 startups in the Nordics right now

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