The top venture capital companies in Sweden in 2019.

01 April 2020 Euro Lists
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We thought it would be useful to take a look at the most active venture capital companies from the Nordic countries from last year, as we are closing the books for the first three months of 2020. We started with the VC from Sweden, as in 2019 this is where the most deaflow happened (50%).

Also, don't forget to check the list of the top venture investment companies from Sweden from 2018.

The list includes investments made in companies from the Nordic countries only and is made based on the number transaction tracked for 2019. As always, please keep in mind that the information is presented as is and that the list reflects the public data available. Also, there is usually a time lag until we catch up with all the deals.

The data gathering is subject to methodologies*, public availability and companies willing to update about their fundraising deals. To our knowledge, Nordic 9 is one of the more comprehensive data set you can find about the Nordic private deals.

The report is available over at the Cheat Sheet Library. The Cheat Sheet section is provided complimentary with the data access to all N9 customers. You can read one report at will for free (you need an account though).

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