What are the top venture investors from Finland as of 2019?

01 April 2020 Euro Lists
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As we are finalising the books with the deals for 2019, we had a look at who were the most active venture investors from Finland.

At the time of writing this post, 2019 Finland's dealfow contribution in the Nordic countries was around 16% (162 out of 1027 deals) - 4th place out of the five Nordic countries. We tracked 459 deals for Sweden, 198 for Denmark, 180 for Norway and 29 for Iceland. In terms of absolute money, Finland attracted 18% or $760M from a whopping $4.35bn invested in the Nordics in 2019, third after Sweden ($2.07bn) and Denmark ($926M).

Before getting at the list with the most active venture investors from FInland, it is also worth mentioning the list of the most active venture capital companies from the Nordic countries, as well as the list with the most active venture investors from Sweden, both for 2019.

Icebreaker - 16 deals
Top deals: Flowhaven, Kodit.io, Osgenic

Inventure - 12 deals
top deals: Detectify, Wirepas, Letsbuild, Stravito

Gorilla Capital - 11 deals
top deals: Näktergal, Vinden (both from Sweden), Saavu, Cambri

Lifeline Ventures - 9 deals
Top deals: Wolt, Sulapac, Aiven, Norsepower   

Maki VC - 9 deals
Top deals: IQM, Spinnova, Ultimate.ai, Enfuce

Tesi - 7 deals
Top deals: Wirepas, VErto Analytics

Innovestor - 7 deals
Top deals: Promo Republic, Tenboron, Luxmet

Note: the list includes funding deals made by venture investors from Finland across all the Nordic countries.

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