What kind of startups from Sweden attracted early stage funding in the first half of 2020

07 July 2020 Insights
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Very early stage investments are usually a good indicator about the pulse of the investment market. As Sweden is the bigger Nordic market, we had a first good look at the local ecosystem and analysed the list of startups that were involved in investment deals lower than $1 million in January-June 2020.

For a proper big picture, it should be noted that for the first 6 months of the year, we tracked 212 investment deals made in 207 startups from Sweden. Out of those, 90 deals (42%) had their disclosed values as ranging in the $0-1M bracket. 

We analysed those Swedish transactions based on the verticals they cover. The conclusion:

Software developers, marketplace operators and mobile apps are the early stage startups coming stronger from Sweden in the class of H1 2020. Traditional Nordic verticals such as health and financial services remain in the investors' top preferences.

We created a full report detailing the vertical breakdown for those deals, available here.

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Access the report What kind of startups from Sweden attracted early stage funding in the first half of 2020

With the report you will get:

  • a general trend and vertical breakdown of what the investors funded in Sweden in H1 2020 at early stage.
  • a list of 5 promising software-based startups
  • a list of 4 mobile app-based startups
  • a list of 4 startups building and operating marketplaces
  • a list of 4 companies using fixed assets to manufacture and sell physical goods
  • a list of 10 startups operating in food, climate change, financial services and health
  • a downloadable list of all the 88 companies which raised less than $1M in 2020.

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