Acarix (private company)

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Business model:

Total investments received (USD) - 11.81M


Acarix A/S is based on pioneering research performed at the Aalborg University, Denmark, initiated in 2004. The research group received the award, ‘MedicoPrisen’, from Medicoindustrien (Danish Medtech trade association) in 2007.

A research and development collaboration was established in 2007 between Aalborg University and Coloplast A/S, receiving public support from the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation in 2008.

Acarix A/S was established in 2009 as a spin-out company from Coloplast A/S with Coloplast A/S and Aalborg University as the major shareholders.

In 2010 Acarix A/S succeeded attracting venture capital from Seed Capital (DK), Sunstone Capital (DK) and Seventure Partners (F).

In 2011 Acarix A/S and collaborators furthermore achieved funding of 5.3 million DKK from the Danish Business Innovation Fund.

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