Actimo (private company)

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Copenhagen, San Francisco
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Actimo is a mobile dialogue platform for businesses that wish to improve mobile mass communications to employees or customers. In contrast to SMS and e-mail, actimo messages are interactive with video, sound and social engagement.

actimo dialogues can be sent out by everyone with access to the internet or via an API. You can send messages to multiple channels (for example SMS, APP-notifications and e-mail. actimo is platform independent and you need neither installations nor apps to get started.

In 2012 Actimo was enrolled in the accelerator program Accelerace, when it raised DKK 3 million. In 2016, the company received an additional of 1 million.

Investors now own together 50% of the company. The remaining 50% is owned by Eske Gunge, as well as partners and employees.

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