BiBB Instruments (private company)

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Business model:
Key People:
Fredrik Lindblad

Total investments received (USD) - 530k

B!BB Instruments is focused on the development of flexible endoscopic instruments for improved minimally invasive biopsies.

B!BBInstruments develops a proprietary and innovative portfolio of biopsy instruments under the brand name EndoDrill® for early detection of cancerous tumors.

The Company’s objective is to offer single-use products for earlier and more accurate cancer diagnosis that outperforms current commercial instruments.

Privately owned B!BBInstruments was founded in 2013 by Dr Charles Walther, cancer researcher at Lund University and senior consultant at the department of clinical pathology at Skåne University Hospital in Lund.

EndoDrill® uses a patented drill function that enables deep tissue samples of suspected tumors.

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