BTO - Bergen Teknologioverføring (investor - Corporate Investor)

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Average round investment:
1.85M USD

BTO works to develop innovation and commercialisation of research in the Bergen region. We are the regional centre of expertise for innovation and commercialisation of research results.

Bergen Teknologioverføring AS (BTO) is the technology transfer office in Bergen. Our owners are University of Bergen, Haukeland University Hospital, the Institute of Marine Research, SIVA, Bergen University College and NHH. We also have five partners; Christian Michelsen Research (CMR), Haraldsplass Diakonale Sykehus, Kunnskapsparken Sogn og Fjordane, NIFES, Nofima and Uni Research.

Our mission is to help our owners and partners to bring their research results out to the market, ensuring that knowledge and inventions benefit individuals, the industry and society as a whole. We help you increase the value of your research.

We support ten research institutions in commercialisation, technology transfer and innovation projects. Together they employ about 4000 researchers and have a research base of more than 4 Bn NOK. Researchers, faculty and students from these institutions provide BTO with more than 100 innovative ideas each year, from a broad range of exciting disciplines. We evaluate the potential of these ideas, and contribute to the development needed to realise them. We guide good ideas.

1 tracked Nordic investments in:

NameDateRound valueTotal raised
Norway Bergen Carbon Solutions ASJan 20191.85M1.85M

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