Claes Dinkelspiel (investor - Angel Investor)

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Mostly invests in:
Financial Services (3)
Most business models preferred:
Affiliates (3)
Average round investment:
5.09M USD

Claes Dinkelspiel, born 1941, is a Swedish executive, who has been active in the family company Öhman, which he took over from his father, Max Dinkelspiel, in 1969, and is chairman of the internet bank Nordnet.

Max Dinkelspiel got two sons: Ulf and Claes. Claes joined the father's footsteps and became CEO in 1969, while Ulf chose a career as a diplomat. Claes son Tom Dinkelspiel is today CEO of Öhmangruppen. Ulf's son Jan Dinkelspiel (1977) is Sweden's head of Nordnet, which is owned by 30% of Ähmangruppen. Claes is chairman of Nordnet. Ulf's daughter Charlotte Dinkelspiel (1970) sits on the board of Öhmangruppen.

5 tracked Nordic investments in:

NameDateRound valueTotal raised
Sweden Red FlagAug 20171.86M6.02M
Sweden BabyshopJun 201717.37M33.13M
Sweden PåmindMay 20171.7M1.7M
Sweden Red FlagSep 20164.16M6.02M
Sweden QasaMar 2016368k753k

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