Gold & Green Foods (private company)

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Business model:
B2B B2C (Retail)

Total investments received (USD) - N/A

M&A and Exit deals (USD) - N/A

Gold & Green Foods created a product named Pulled Oat, entirely made from plants and offers a more ecological alternative to both meat and soy proteins.

Oat is one of the most ecological crops in the world and with this innovations done in processing the Finnish company is able to offer a tasty alternative to the Soy proteins used widely as a substitute to meat protein.

Gold & Green Foods says its product stands out from soy-based foods because it is a non-GMO and potentially gluten-free alternative and unlike the mycoprotein meat substitute Quorn, the oat-based product is also non-allergenic.

The product is aimed to be a healthy alternative to meat.

The company was started by Maija Itkonen and Reetta Kivela, both in their thirties, in April 2015 as a result of Kivela's research on oats at the University of Helsinki.

Gold&Green Foods received a million Euro investment early in 2016.

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