Instabridge (private company)

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Hardware Mobile
Business model:

Total investments received (USD) - 5M

  • Jul 2016 -
  • Sep 2015 -
  • Oct 2014 -

Instabridge is the world's largest community of crowdsourced free WiFi with over 1m users. The Instabridge app acts as a "SIM-card for WiFi" and keep users constantly on WiFi in all cities where we have coverage.

In 2015, Instabridge took SEK 26 million in venture capital from, among others, Swedish Moor and Balderton Capital at a company valuation of SEK 79 million.

In 2016 Instabridge raised additionally $1M in a round led by Tim Draper - at a valuation for the entire company to $10 million.

It is interesting that Instabridge expects to have a market of 4 billion people by 2019. Noteworthy is that today there are only 3 billion people who have access to the Internet, but the figure is on an increasing path.

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