Niklas Zennström (investor - Angel Investor)

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Mostly invests in:
Mobile (3)
Most business models preferred:
SAAS (3)
Average round investment:
6.63M USD

Niklas Zennström is a Swedish entrepreneur best known for founding several high-profile online ventures with Janus Friis including Skype and Kazaa.

More recently he founded the technology investment firm Atomico and has become a significant figurehead for entrepreneurs in the tech sector.

Zennström is also the co-founder of the charity organization Zennström Philanthropies.

6 tracked Nordic investments in:

NameDateRound valueTotal raised
Sweden Orbital SystemsApr 201718.65M28.38M
Sweden AutomileDec 20161.25M46.75M
Sweden AutomileJul 20166.2M46.75M
Sweden PrionJun 2016290k290k
Finland WoltApr 201612.4M15.1M
Sweden Orbital SystemsMar 20141M28.38M

* The round values and totals raised are in USD.
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