Slättö Venture Capital (investor - Venture Capital)

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Mostly invests in:
Social Network (1)
Most business models preferred:
Advertising (1)
Average round investment:
266k USD

Slättö Venture Capital is part of Slättö Group.

Slättö Group is active in three different business areas:

(1) Slättö Förvaltning, which develops, owns and manages new residential properties in Swedish growth regions;

(2) Military Work, which supplies competence to civil industries with military trained staff in partnership with the Swedish Armed Forces; 

(3) Slättö Venture Capital, which invests in other companies whose activities have significant growth opportunity and value development potential.

1 tracked Nordic investments in:

NameDateRound valueTotal raised
Sweden The Great WildJun 2015266k1.46M

* The round values and totals raised are in USD.
** Click on the company for its details and on the round amount for the investment details.

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