Tommy Ahlers (investor - Angel Investor)

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Most business models preferred:
Marketplace (3) B2C (Retail) (3)
Average round investment:
2.63M USD

Tommy Ahlers, born in 1975, is a Danish serial entrepreneur best known for the social networking and mobile backup site ZYB, launched in 2005 with two other entrepreneurs from Copenhagen, Morten Lund and Ole Kristensen, and sold to Vodafone Europe BV for nearly $50m in May 2008.

Before founding ZYB, where he has held the position of CEO since the company's inception, Ahlers spent six years in strategy and management, partly in the mobile industry.

He was previously with McKinsey & Company for more than four years, where he served as an engagement manager working with mobile operators to shape their strategies.

In addition to ZYB, he also founded another start-up which provided a global SMS-service to mobile users.

Ahlers holds a masters degree in law from the University of Copenhagen, graduating in 2000.


Showing 10 of 11 tracked Nordic investments in:

NameDateRound valueTotal raised
Denmark RFRSH EntertainmentJun 20178.13M12.31M
Denmark PeakonMar 20176.59M10.92M
Denmark RFRSH EntertainmentDec 20164.18M12.31M
Denmark Kitchen4KidsNov 201633k33k
Denmark AstralisJan 2016N/AN/A
Denmark Drophub / TrunkbirdOct 2015130k130k
Denmark DrivrOct 20153.42M3.42M
Denmark Firtal GroupOct 2015550k550k
Denmark Lix TechnologiesSep 2015460k8.52M
Denmark WashaSep 2015240k745k

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