Uniti Sweden (private company)

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Registration number:
Business model:
B2C (Retail)

Total investments received (USD) - 3.14M


Uniti is an electric city car that aims for holistic sustainability, a futuristic user experience and is developed in an open source manner.

Uniti employs more than 20 people full-time and the development of the electric car is at Ideon in Lund. The goal is to have a prototype ready in December 2017. The car, which will cost 200 000, will be on the market in 2019.

Research phase funding
Lund University and LU Maxlab

Startup phase funding
6 Business Angels - 600k SEK (technology development)
Almi Grant - 100k SEK (Kepler Pod Development)
Founders - 500k SEK (Operational costs)
Government funded autonomous driving project in partnership with Volvo et al. - 30k SEK (Ideation Workshop)

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