Building the first viable product: The race towards launching a new service

Copenhagen / Agile Squad ApS Jorcks Passage 1A, 3. floor
Denmark 27 November 2017
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In collaboration with EGGS og Agile Squad, SDN Denmark are happy to invite you for an evening centered around prototyping and other approaches in the race towards launching a new service.

Jørgen Solstad and Jan Walter Parr from EGGS will be giving a talk on how they work with that first build. As they themselves describe it: "As you are aware, everybody and everything needs to be 'agile'. At EGGS, we are focusing heavily on being an agile innovation partner, launching new services and products rapidly, testing, iterating, etc. The pendulum has swung from classic research-heavy design-driven innovation towards lean startup-like innovation. Based on our experience, the pendulum needs to swing back ever so slightly. It can be argued that there is a 'middle ground' when building that first MVP - pulling the best from both worlds. We would like to share our thoughts about what that 'middle ground' is".

As part of this exciting talk, they will focus on pre- and prototyping as one of the key ingredients. Furthermore they will share a couple of case studies along with their reflections on both best practices and pitfalls.

This will then be follow by a panel debate, where (amongst others) Andreas Jonsson from Agile Squad will enlighten us with his perspective, adding to the mix a young agency point of view. Please bring curiosity and lots of questions!


In case you sign up for the event and can't make it, we kindly ask you to let us know 24 hours in advance as we'd like to be able to offer your seat to someone else. Please note that we will ask you to pay a no-show fee of 250 kr. should you fail to do so. In case of cancellations, please email us at


More about our panelists and presenters:

Jørgen Solstad is Head of Startups at EGGS, responsible for agile methods, corporate startups and "EGGS garage" (their rig for joint ventures with startups)

Jan Walter Parr is Creative Leader in Service Design at EGGS, responsible for their service design team, competences and offerings.

Andreas Jonsson is partner and CEO at Agile Squad, a relatively young "full stack service design agency".

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