In-Between Economies + SPACE10 Friday Bar: Open-Source Welfare

Copenhagen / SPACE10, Flæsketorvet 10
Denmark 27 October 2017
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from 5 to 8 pm

In collaboration with SPACE10, Open-Source Welfare will be the third In-Between Economies Friday Bar, providing space for a progressive debate about the future relationship between citizen, state and city in the digital era.

We’ll hear from a panel of experts working at the forefront of welfare and the city. The conversation will be held in the round so the audience is as much a part of the discussion as possible. The evening will be engaging and lively, aiming to build a collective path forward for all. "The classical welfare state is slowly but surely evolving into a participatory society" – Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, 2013

International interest in Nordic welfare systems has hit a peak. Yet we see transformations in Denmark too. The industrial model where we consume services has been challenged by ageing demographics and austerity, and in response, neoliberal management culture specialises and consolidates.

But developments in communication technology free us from old adjacencies, making it possible to decentralise services with no loss in efficiency.

Peer-to-peer networking shifts our understanding of hierarchy and institutional governance, changing who and why we trust in society. If the 20th century model produced the hospitals, schools, banks and town halls which surround us today, what will these institutions look like in an age of platform connectivity?

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