Lean Startup & Design Thinking (+ Startup Matchmaking!)

Stockholm / SUP46
Sweden 20 February 2019
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"Lean Startup & Design Thinking: New Ideas, Prototypes, and Business Models"

Launching a startup? Or already have a startup?

Make better, faster business decisions and succeed in a business landscape full of risk. Learn how to create a more successful entrepreneurial business and how you can learn to improve virtually everything you do.

- How to go from idea to business model
- How an MVP can forward your growth and help you succeed in new ways
- How Lean Startup and Design Thinking are complimentary
- How to reduce the risk when taking new ideas to market

Then announce to the room who/what you're looking for so that you can take the next step. NOTE: If you get a VIP ticket, then you can announce your company on the stage at the beginning of the event for 1-2 minutes - instead of just 10 sec. and can display a slide (photo) if you send it to Stockholm Entrepreneurs in advance.

Andy Cars - CEO of Lean Ventures, lean startup coach
Other panelist(s) to be announced

Event to be moderated, in English, by Peter Fosso (from USA; Founder of Global Music Project, NetMusic Entertainment Corp, and Stockholm Entrepreneurs)

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