Open Door session #8 – Exclusive feedback from experienced investors

Denmark 24 April 2019
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Do you want savvy advice and feedback for your idea or startup from some of Denmark’s most experienced investors?

At our Open Door sessions, we hand-pick eight startups to meet with one of the Investment Managers from PreSeed Ventures for a 30 minutes feedback session. This is an opportunity to get razor-sharp input – before you have a running business and full pitch-deck to present. Don’t get us wrong, you have to be ambitious and visionary about it, even if you’re just getting started.

The intent is to help you move forward through the insights and instrumental feedback investment professionals can offer due to their extensive experience from meeting and working with hundreds of startups.

If you’re interested then hit us up at and we will get back to you!

All we need is a very brief description of your startup, the stage you’re at and what you have done, tried and tested so far.

The event is free to attend but you have to apply for one of the eight spots.

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