Oslo Innovation Week

Norway 25 - 29 September 2017
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The Oslo Innovation Week Manifesto

Oslo Innovation Week sets the agenda for business solutions to the UN sustainability goals. Oslo Innovation Week will push the world forward by combining entrepreneurship, technology and innovation.

Actions speak louder than words. Oslo Innovation Week is all about innovation in action, no inspirational or dogmatic talks about what might come, or what someone else should be doing. No sales presentations either.

Powercouples drive the future of innovation. The future lies in bridging differences. Between established businesses and the newcomers. Between public and privat, academiad business. Across borders, disciplines and titles. A powercouple consists of great minds of different disciplines, complementing each other in solving the world’s challenges. All OIW events are powercouples.

New influencers are vital to find new solutions. Entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, micropreneurs, impact investors, tech experts, bold explorers and new thought leaders will have a voice at Oslo Innovation Week.

Gender equality and diversity is a no-brainer. Oslo Innovation Week has in its DNA to achieve gender equality and empower all people.

Technology is an enabler, not the answer itself.

It’s a dugnad. We – attendees, keynotes, partners, event organizers - create Oslo Innovation Week together. Networking and co-working are at core at all events.

Truly international. It takes place in Oslo, only to bring the world forward. All event organisers co-operate with international partners.

With a shared sense of urgency. SDGs need business solutions, far too important to leave for politicians or NGOs to solve alone.

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