Talk+Networking - Lisa Lofgren, CFO & Co-Founder at Bluecall

Stockholm / GOTO10 - Hammarby Kaj 10D
Sweden 7 December 2017
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Another edition of The Baash’s inspirational talk aiming at lifting female entrepreneurship in the capital. Do you want to start your own business, but don’t know where to begin ? Or maybe you started, but you need a push in order to carry on ? During The Baash Talks, you will hear about stories of female entrepreneurs and learn from their experience. This is followed by a networking session where you can mingle with other like-minded attendees.


This event will feature: Lisa Lofgren, Co-Founder & CFO at Bluecall

Taking a break from building a career in marketing in New York and
Sydney, Lisa returned to Sweden in 2016 and founded BlueCall
together with two co-founders.

BlueCall is a digital market place for instant therapy counseling.
An "Uber for shrinks" as Lisa sums it up. According to the UN, Mental health issues is one of the fastest growing challenges to global wellbeing. Over 10% of the Swedish population take antidepressants. BlueCall's vision is to help millions of people across the world to increase their mental wellbeing by facilitating access to counseling.

Lisa will be sharing her view on the opportunities and challenges in being three female founders in a male dominated start up bubble, experiences from the delicate balancing act of making money and doing good through social entrepreneurship, and more globally on how to build your own tech company in Sweden.

This talk will be followed by a networking session where light snacks will be served.


This is perfect for you if:

- You want to launch a business and need an extra inspiration boost

- You launched already but need inspiration

- You want to network and connect with other people interested in startups

When: Thursday 7th December 2017, 6:00 – 8:30 PM

Where: GOTO10, Hammarby Kaj 10D,120 07 Stockholm (SKANSTULL/ GULLMARSPLAN METRO)

Photos and videos will be taken during the event. By coming to this event, you accept that The Baash uses those as future promotional material for social platforms or other communication channels. For any inquiry, please contact us at

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