Copenhagen / Lyngby, Skylab
Denmark 23 - 24 November 2017
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Join the 7th transnational TechTown meeting in LOOP CITY, Denmark on 23rd and 24th September 2017.

Please arrive on Wednesday 22nd November and plan to stay until 17.00 on Friday 24th November. Lyngby is easily accessible from Copenhagen Airport

Meeting theme: Growing jobs through the smart city agenda

How can cities ensure that they maximise the local jobs creation potential linked to delivering smart city agendas?
What role could local city challenges, hackathons play?
What role could public procurement play?
What does good governance look like? Political leadership? Public private partnership?
How can cities ensure that the LOCAL job creation potential from smart cities are maximised?
How can cities create 'living labs' or 'test beds' for new intelligent city solutions?
General aims of the meeting:
To better understand LOOP CITY's digital ecosystem
To learn about how LOOP CITY aims to grow digital jobs through the Smart City Agenda

To consider:
How cities grow digital jobs through the Smart City Agenda (including mobility)
What the link is between digital and Smart City?
How cities can support an ecosystem of Smart City/digital players of all sizes and shapes – From Multinationals to Startups and SMVs to Students
How they can network governance and strategic collaboration across municipalities
The role that living labs and test beds play?

To discuss and prepare for local and network level final events
To progress TechTown final dissemination outputs
Are the TechTown city action plans fit for purpose? Are they SMART? Sustainable? Deliverable?
Have they identified appropriate resources for ongoing governance and delivery?

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