What is The Family? - by Oussama Ammar by The Family

Copenhagen / Founders House, Njalsgade 19D, 1 fl,
Denmark 3 October 2018
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The Family is a French startup accelerator.

Join us for a 45-min talk + Q&A from The Family's co-founder Oussama Ammar to understand what is The Family, how we're fighting Continental Europe's toxicity & what are the things that can prevent you from turning your startup into a game-changing machine.

It's not because we're not based in Silicon Valley that we shouldn't be ambitious.

See you there? <3

The Family.

5:45pm: Network & chill
6:30pm: Talk by Oussama Ammar, co-founder at The Family
7:15pm: Q&A, bring it on!
7:45pm: Network & chill

Open Office Hours!
Ask us anything, talk about your needs and start working with The Family during a 45-min meeting. We are not mentors. We won’t tell you what to do. We can be useful if you know what you’re trying to do but you're wondering how to do it faster and better ;) And of course it’s free. If we like each other, then we can decide whether to keep on working together. Apply here!

Why we're doing this European Tour?
We started The Family 5 years ago, in Paris. At that time, we realized that Paris' tech ecosystem was missing one crucial thing: Ambition. To fix this, we started releasing hour-long videos addressing this mindset problem, and attracted millions of people to it. Check it out, it's a Youtube Channel called Startup Food, you'll never get hungry again ;)

This got us quite popular in France, and we started to attract lots of new founders who were starting-up. They were now convinced that if they were bold enough, driven enough, they could make it from anywhere, even Paris ;) And for the lucky ones who joined The Family, were now part of an ambitious community sharing the same mindset.

A couple of years ago, we decided to become European. Why? Because after having nurtured more than 600 startups, helped them raised more than $500M with VCs, we realized that the game was European. So we decided to also set-up shop in Berlin & London, not to create new chapters, but to build a single platform connecting the three main entrepreneurial cities in Europe. That way we can help founders fundraise, hire and expand having access to the best of Europe.

It is time to stop looking for what city will be the next Silicon Valley. We can build something even better: a startup continent that is diverse, dynamic and open. That's why we are now hitting the road and are starting an European Tour! We want to meet with the local ecosystem & connect founders, angels & VCs to our European infrastructure.

We're thrilled to meet some of you along the road :) If you want to get involved and can help us in any ways, please reach out over there! <3

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