World BioEconomy Forum 2019

Finland 11 - 13 September 2019
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The World BioEconomy Forum is at its second edition and will bring together major think tanks, regulators and operators in this famous holiday resort in northeast Finland.

The World BioEconomy Forum at Ruka gathering coincides ideally with the EU’s latest bioeconomy strategy update, and will offer an opportunity to discuss its ramifications in depth with relevant experts in several panel sessions – preliminary heading being:

Implementing bio-strategies
Forest bioeconomy and climate change
CEO Panel
Circular bioeconomy – Enterprise Panel
Evolving value chains based on bio-feedstocks - Case Plastics
World BioEconomy Forum seeks to inspire public and private sector bioeconomy stakeholders to explore innovative ways of harnessing the unique bio-resources of Europe’s northern region in pursuit of a sustainable and economically meaningful northern bioeconomy.

Ruka is located in the heart of Boreal area next to Russia and is an example area of a flourishing Bioeconomy. It offers a thriving community committed to ensuring the success of the event and luxurious resort where delegates can also enjoy the relaxing environment of the senic northern Finland, beautiful sceneries and various activities.

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