Airthings completed a NOK 60M capital round backed by KLP and Storebrand.

Norway Investments 09 May 2020
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Airthings, an Oslo, Norway-based company manufacturing indoor air quality monitors for consumers and businesses, announced raising NOK 60M ($6M) in a new capital issue.

The funding was provided by new and existing investors from Norway, including KLP and Storebrand.

Airthings, founded in 2008 and led by CEO √ėyvind Birkenes, is a manufacturer of world-class radon detectors, using the most accurate technologies to create user friendly radon detection products. The company made about NOK 144M ($14.3M) in sales in 2019 and, according to the Norwegian media, NOK 51M for Q1 of 2020.

Prior to this round, Airthings almost $10M from professional investors from Norway.