Bergen Carbon Solutions raised $1.9M from BKK Invest, BTO and a number of other small investors.

Norway Investments 31 January 2019
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Bergen Carbon Solutions, a Bergen, Norway-based company producing alternative energy products, secured NOK 15.6M ($1.9M) in capital investment.

The backing was supported by BKK InVest, BTO and other small private investors based in Norway. The funding will be used to take the company's products from prototyping to full scale production and launching in the market.

Bergen Carbon Solutions, founded in 2016 by CEO Finn Blydt-Svendsen, produces carbon-nanofiber ( CNF ) through the application of a chemical process which separates the carbon from CO2 molecule and form CNF and O2 gas. Applications to the CNF ranging from battery technology, building materials in the form of composite materials.