Disruptive Technologies secures NOK 150M

Norway Investments 28 August 2017
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Disruptive Technologies, a Bergen, Norway-based company manufacturing wireless sensors that communicate with the Internet, secured NOK 150M ($19M) in financing.

The money comes from a range of local investors including Geir Førre, Fredrik Halvorsen, Odd Johnny "OJ" Winge and Geir Langfeldt Olsen (last three through Ubon Partners).

Disruptive Technologies, founded in 2013 by Andreas Koller, Erik Fossum Færevaag (CEO) and Sigve Tjora, develops wireless sensors to serve the Internet of Things (IoT) market. The sensors have around 15 years of battery life and can measure temperature and proximity - such as opening doors and windows.

Prior to this, Disruptive Technologies raised $6M from Ubon Partners.