Eloop to raise money from C&P Immobilien and European Super Angels Club

Austria 15 April 2021

Eloop, a Vienna, Austria-based startup providing car sharing services, announced closing an investment deal for raising capital in the company.

Financial details were not disclosed. The deal was made with a local real estate company based in Graz, Austria - C&P Immobilien - which was joined by the European Super Angels Club investor network managed by Venionaire Ventures Sárl.

Eloop, founded in 2019 as Caroo Mobility GmbH by CEO Leroy Hofer, operates a service providing rentals for electric cars including Tesla and BMW i3. The service is available in Vienna - the company says it will use the funding for exampding the fleet locally as well as expand the service in the German cities of Munich, Hamburg and Berlin.

Total investments received (USD): N/A