Graphmatech secured capital investment of $2 million.

Sweden Switzerland Netherlands 20 February 2020

Graphmatech, an Uppsala, Sweden-based company providing Graphene-based nanocomposites materials and services, announced the completion of a SEK 20M ($2M) capital investment round.

The money was provided by existing investors, including Almi Invest, ABB Technology Ventures, InnoEnergy and Walerud Ventures.

Graphmatech, founded in 2017 by CEO Mamoun Taher and Björn Lindh, manufactures a graphene material product named Aros Graphene, with multiple application areas.

The product can be fully integrated in other materials, such as polymer composites, metal composites, formulated inks or as their own material. The material can also be used as an additive in different types of batteries - to increase energy storage capacity and charging speed, as well as as thermal paste which can be used for cooling electronics and thus reducing electricity consumption.

Total investments received (USD): 12.19M