Huddly acquires Epigram for $1.5M.

Norway M&A 04 December 2018
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Huddly, an Oslo, Norway-based Intelligent camera manufacturer announced that it acquired Norwegian AI company Epigram.

The acquisition was made for NOK 13M ($1.5M) and will result in tools, IP, and all AI engineers that will strengthen the AI capabilities of Huddly’s intelligent cameras.

Epigram, founded in 2017 by Bendik Kvamstad and Olav Djupvik, specializes in computer vision and visual classification, as it has developed a set of tools for big data processing and analysys, with an acute focus on the application of AI to understand content.

The company, founded in 2017, worked with multiple clients, including Huddly, Gjensidige, Tradono, and No Isolation to develop bespoke artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions. Their solution can now detect 25 animal species with 90 percent degree of accuracy. The company has worked with a number of clients including Huddly, Gjensidige, Tradono, and No Isolation

Huddly, founded as Kubicam in 2013 and led by CEO Jonas Rinde, developed an IQ camera that is marketed as an AI-powered product with features like framing all people in the room and performing advanced space analytics. The company has offices in Oslo, Norway and Palo Alto, USA, and has raised more than $30M in capital investment.