Hugo Games acquires the American game developer 5th Planet Games.

Denmark M&A 10 September 2018
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Hugo Games, a Copenhagen, Denmark-based gaming company, announced it purchased the Sacramento-based game developer 5th Planet Games.

The price of of the acquisition will be approximately $737k, which will add to an $160k to be invested for the upcoming sequel to the popular mobile game “Dawn of the Dragons” to market in Q2 2019.

5th Planet Games is expected to launch the mobile game sequel “Dawn of the Dragons 2” in Q2 2019. The company has had a revenue stream of between $60,000 and $80,000 USD a month in 2018. That’s approximately twice as much as the current Hugo Games revenue, which means that Hugo Games’ current revenue will triple in size when merged with 5th Planet Games.

Hugo Games, founded in 2011 and led by CEO Henrik Nielsen, is a mobile games publisher and developer located in Copenhagen and Nottingham. The company publishes titles such as Hugo Troll Race 2, Kick ‘n’ Run and Super Stars Cristiano Ronaldo.