Lysa announced raising $6 million from existing investors.

Sweden Investments 12 May 2020
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Lysa, a Stockholm, Sweden-based company providing financial services, announced the completion of a SEK 60M ($6M) capital investment round.

The money was provided by existing investors, based in Sweden, including Ernström & Co and Inbox Capital.

Lysa, founded in 2016 by CEO Patrik Adamson, Henrik Littecke and Emilie Andersson, developed an automatic investment service, based on which it provides asset management services.

The company claims to have 42,000 paying customers with assets under management of over SEK 5 billion ($500M), supported by 22 employees and generating sales of SEK 5 million in 2019. Currently, the company's officials claims to have recurring sales of more than SEK 10 million on an annual basis.

Prior to this round, Lysa raised a total of roughly $6.6 million from professional investors.