Plexian secured SEK 26.5 million, will list its shares on the local stock exchange Spotlight later in 2020.

Sweden Investments 13 January 2020
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Plexian, a Malmö, Sweden-based software company, announced that it raised SEK 26.5 million ($2.8M) in capital investment.

The funding was backed by about 350 investors, as the company is preparing to list its shares to Spotlight Stock Market (AktieTorget), an alternative trading venue outside the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Plexian, founded by Sami Sulieman and led by Staffan Mattson, CEO, built a business operation based on a smart mobile wallet named Edge, acting as an all-in-one solution used for loyalty purposes, combining everything from automated bookkeeping to loyalty in one simple service. The company recently announced a partnership with a local gym chain, Fitness24seven, whereas they will integrate Plexian's service in the access card of the gym's 300,000 customers.