Saga Robotics to raise $11.3M from Nysnø et all.

Hong Kong Netherlands Norway Investments 29 August 2020
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Saga Robotics, an Oslo, Norway-based robotics manufacturer, completed a NOK 100M ($11.3M) capital investment round.

The money was provided by a range of investors from Norway, including the Norwegian state-owned agency Nysnø, which contributed with a third of the funds, as well as ADM Capital Management, Propagator VC, and Rabo Frontier Ventures.

Saga Robotics, founded in 2016 and led by CEO Pål Johan From, developed a robot called Thorvald, an autonomous modular machine that can be configured for most agricultural environments. Thorvald can operate autonomously in open fields, tunnels, orchards and greenhouses and perform tasks such as UV-treatment, picking fruits and vegetables, phenotyping, in-field transportation, cutting grass for forage, spraying and data collection/crop prediction.