Surrogate Games announced a $2M investment round from Initial Capital, PROFounders, Brighteye Ventures and Business Finland.

Finland Investments 12 July 2019
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Surrogate Games, an Espoo, Finland-based gaming startup company, announced in a press release securing $2M in capital investment.

The money was provided by English, Finnish and French investors, including Initial Capital, PROfounders Capital, Brighteye Ventures and Business Finland.

Surrogate, founded in 2018 by Shane Allen, Esko Vähämäki, Severi Tikkala and Stanislav Dmitriev, works for the development of a low-latency video streaming technology. The tech allows users to interact with and remotely control real objects through a live HD video feed and will be first be implemented in the games market.

Surrogate expects to launch its product in the second part of 2019.