Think Outside raised money from Butterfly Ventures.

Finland Norway Investments 06 December 2018
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Think Outside, a Bergen, Norway-based startup working on wearable technology for the winter season, announced that it added an undisclosed amount of capital investemnt from Butterfly Ventures.

The money will be used to further develop the company's product, Sknow, as well as epxand its user base across Norway.

Think Outside, founded in 2017 by Moniaka Vaksdal (CEO), Kjartan Nesse and Deborah Karlsen, developed a range of products dedicated to the winter season, including Sknow, a wearable capable of recognizing the type of snow at a certain moment, and Dingo, a wearable device for avalanche prevention.

Priro to this round, Think Outside secured capital from a group of 20 Norwegian angel investors.