Volta Greentech raised $300k in angel investment.

Finland Sweden Investments 07 August 2019
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Volta Greentech, a Stockholm, Sweden-based manufacturer of a special animal supplement aimed to reduce gas emissions, completed a SEK 3M ($310k) capital investment round.

The funding was provided by Swedish angel investors, including Peter Carlsson, Hampus Jakobsson, Vivianne Holm and Stefan Hedelius.

Volta Greentech, founded at the end of 2018 by Fredrik Åkerman, Viggo Forsberg, Leo Wezelius and Angelo Demeter, is working on the development of a natural feed supplement made from a specific type of seaweed, Asparagopsis taxiformis, which when fed to cows as 1-2% (~150 gram) of their daily food intake reduces the methane produced by enteric fermentation (farts and burps) by 50-80%.

The company operates a pilot project with a Swedish farmer to test the entire value chain and is working with a seagrass farmer in Portugal who can supply the pilot project with seagrass.