19 interesting manufacturing startups from the Nordics you should check

05 August 2020 Euro Lists
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We think that the manufacturing sector is one of the most under-rated and under-invested when it comes to the potential of the technological innovation that one can make nowadays. This is because there are many parts of the value chain which can be innovated. For example:

  • you can use better and sohisticated machineries to produce cheaper output
  • you can use advanced R&D within manufacturing facilities to produce a better and cheaper product
  • you can now produce innovative products not possible until now as the some manufacturing means of production are quite advanced
  • you can innovate the entire manufacturing chain from raw supply sourcing to a DTC output approach.

And so, we had a look at our Nordic databases of innovative startups and picked 15 + bonus 4 startups that contribute in an innovative way to the Nordic value creation process.

The report is available here.

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Access the report 19 interesting manufacturing startups from the Nordics you should check

The report includes:

  • 7 companies from Sweden
  • 6 from Finland
  • 2 each from Iceland, Norway and Denmark.
  • short description of the company, the name of their respective CEOs and investors, and their funding status


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