A list of Nordic startups with impact on climate change

05 November 2020 Euro Lists
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Climate change is a bit like sports - it is the type of subject everybody can have an opinion about since it is kind of easy to understand the direct impact. Yeah, climate change is bad, we should do something about it.

It is however not as accessible from a business perspective since climate change is a highly complex, interdisciplinary theme, involving understanding in depth subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology or mathematics.

It should be noted that the Nordics are among the European leaders in terms of thinking and doing something about it. And we say this considering many perspectives - a mainstream, cultural one (i.e. Greta), an investment perspective (climate focused investment funds i.e. Pale Blue Dot) and a multitude of startups whose work impact directly the climate, in a better way.

In this context, we thought it would be useful to have a detailed look into who the Nordic startup founders contributing in the climate change space are. The preliminary research resulted in an initial list of almost 500 items. We analyzed them and selected 25 which we think are doing interesting work and have an imense impact potential, both from a climate and business upside perspective.

We profiled the Nordic startups with an impact on the climate change in this report.


Access the report A list of Nordic startups with impact on climate change

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The report includes:

  • 12 startups from Sweden, 5 from Denmark, 4 from FInland and 4 from Norway
  • 10 startups which haven't raised yet, 15 which raised some very early stage funding
  • 13 software-based companies, 10 manufacturing ones and 2 marketplaces


Access the report A list of Nordic startups with impact on climate change


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