Interesting early stage deals made by non-Nordic investors in the first half of 2020.

15 August 2020 Euro Lists
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We think you can understand better a startup ecosystem by also looking at what kind of investments the non-Nordic investors made in the local companies.

Some of them have local presence in offices in the big cities. Most of them are part of local networks, connected with other investors or entrepreneurs from the Scandi area.

Some of them are neither, they are just following a thesis and become familiar with the space, also by becoming Nordic 9 customers in the process. :-)

We were particularly interested in the early stages, as finding good assets before they become visibly valuable takes a special kind of skill. And, of course, this is where the competition with the local players is higher and thusly the deals made can have more strategic value than apparent reasons.

As such, we screened a preliminary list of about 200 deals at a lower than $5M level and including at least one non-Nordic backer. From those, we selected a list of 30 non-Nordic contributors to the local startup ecosystem.

Before we begin, the list includes:

  • 7 UK-based investors
  • 6 from Germany and 5 from the US of A
  • 2 each from Austria and Japan
  • one each from Jordan, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland Hong Kong, Italy and France
  • 4 of those investors were involved in at least 2 investment deals in the first part of the year - talking about Nordic conviction!
  • all deals analyzed were tracked for the period January-June 2020.



Global Founders Capital

Global Founders Capital was part of Aibidia €4.2 million funding round in March.


Sony Innovation Fund

The Japanese investment arm of Sony was part of two deals:

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Access Interesting venture deals made by non-Nordic early stage investors in the first half of 2020.

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