The most interesting early stage DTC (e-commerce) startups from the Nordics.

27 October 2020 Insights
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As Amazon made its business available in the Nordics, we thought it would be handy to have a look at who are the local startups trying to build shops in the ecommerce space.

Quick note - we are fairly contrarian to the idea vehiculated by the local media that Amazon is going to kill the local value creators in the ecommerce space. We think the opposite is going to happen as competition will force local players to build better business (Nordics is not exactly a competitive market due to its closeness nature of doing business) and Amazon provides a huge distribution channel for small and big Nordic companies altogether, which should be translated into additional business, not in less.

In this context, we analyzed 160 deals made this year and the last in e-commerce business from the Nordics, and screened through all 600+ ecommerce companies from our database.

We made a selection and profiled 20 early stage startups that a) are interesting and b) have the potential to become big.

You can access the report here.

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The report includes:

  • 11 startups from Sweden, 4 from Denmark, 3 from FInland and 2 from Norway
  • 14 niche-oriented and 6 generalist businesses
  • 9 companies active in fashion and beauty, 7 in the food vertical (including pets)
  • 3 in luxury products and 2 in furniture/interior design

Access the report The most interesting early stage DTC (e-commerce) startups from the Nordics.


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