The new wave of European VCs

11 May 2021 Insights
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The VC business in Europe seems to be booming these days, with new funds announced every other week and huge piles of money ready to be deployed, compared to the past years.

The Euro startup landscape is increasingly hot, deals are more and more expensive, and founders have gradually become more experienced and picky with the kind of VCs they would like to work with.

As such, we also have noticed a trend of new VC funds emerging in Europe. Experienced people doing things differently or youngsters bringing new perspectives on the table, former entrepreneurs converted into investors, fresh blood doing this as a career on their own (startup VCs) or senior guys also starting funds on their own.

We made an initial list of about 50 names out of which we selected 25 VCs from Europe that we think are representative to the new wave of the still very little world of private investors from Europe.

We profiled those 25 VCs in a report that is available here.


Access the report The new wave of European VCs

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The report includes:

  • 11 VC companies from the UK
  • 6 VC companies from Germany
  • 4 VC companies from France
  • 4 VC companies from the Nordic countries - Denmark, Finland, Sweden.
  • 3 microVCs and 22 traditional funds.

Access the report The new wave of European VCs


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