Early stage VCs from Europe - pre-seed and seed institutional investors backing European startups.

03 May 2021 Euro Lists
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The early stage VC activity of backing European startups has never been so busy.

At pre-seed and seed levels in Europe, in 2021 alone we tracked almost 1000 investors active in deals less than $1 million or with undisclosed value. That is for the first four months of the year.

In 2020, that number stands at almost 2000. There's more and more investors discovering that there is a big gap at the seed levels, with little institutional activity, meaning there is more opportunity for experienced investors, backed by LPs, to get their hands dirty and take very early risks.

Those funds can provide a bridge between angels and seed, or all the way to series A, or can even be first money in, preceding even the 3Fs and angels.

And, as such, we keep hearing about new funds with fresh money allocated for positioning at funding the very ealy stage startups from Europe.

Only this week, we had two announcements of seed funds in Europe: Moonfire with a $60 million fund on the basis of a new company launched by one of the founders of Atomico, Mattias Ljungman, and Stride VC, at its second fund closed at £100 million, led by another Euro VC veteran Fred Destin. Both firms led by solid, experienced investors, aiming to back seed startups from London and Europe.

In this context, we thought it would be interesting to review some of the more notable institutional investors from Europe active at very ealy stages - at pre-seed and seed levels.

We had a few criteria in mind for screening the investors:

  • we looked at institutional investors, meaning investment firms that raised money from limited partners for a dedicated fund for investing at early stages in Europe
  • we made sure that those investors are active, meaning they have made at least 5 deals in the past 12 months.
  • we prioritized early stage investors with a broader interest than one geography i.e their home country. Most of the investors from the report are active in more geographies - however, we did, in some cases, included investors only active in the homeland.

Our research resulted in a report with a solid list of 100 names, spreaded around all Europe.

First ten, listed in an alphabetic order, are as follows:

360 Capital Partners
468 capital
Ada Ventures
Aglaé Ventures
All Iron Ventures
Ascension Ventures
Atlantic Labs
Big Sur

The entire report is available here.


Access Early stage VCs from Europe - pre-seed and seed institutional investors

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The reports includes

  • 20 preseed and seed investors from the UK
  • 17 early stage investors from DACH - Austria (2), Germany (12) and Switzerland (3)
  • 15 preseed and seed investors from the Nordic countries - Sweden (4), Finland (5), Denmark (3) and Norway (3)
  • 13 early stage investors from France and 10 from Spain
  • 10 pre seed and seed investors from the Benelux countries: Luxembourg (2), Netherlands (5) and Belgium (3)
  • 15 early stage investors from other hubs - USA (3), Italy (2), Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Ireland (2), Estonia (2), Singapore.

Access Early stage VCs from Europe - pre-seed and seed institutional investors


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