Digital Workforce Nordic (private company)

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Helsinki, Stockholm
Business model:

Total investments received (USD) - 2.15M


Digital Workforce is the only Nordic company specializing in RPA (Robotic Process Automation) services.

We automate the routines of computer based knowledge work, enabling human employees to focus on more productive tasks. In addition to delivering virtual workforce, we connect our customers to the Nordic’s largest network of automation professionals.

Digital Workforce was born when three experienced IT industry executives, Heikki, Jukka, and Mika discovered a problem. An average office worker spends half of their day navigating multiple IT systems, and the current plans for restructuring the systems are excessively expensive and time consuming. Too often, heavy information systems prevent the effective development of business processes.

Our way of working at Digital Workforce is agile, fast and transparent. We promise to cut the cost of routine knowledge work by half and move from plan to results in a few weeks time. Our vision is to be the leading innovator streamlining knowledge work in the Nordic countries.

Digital Workforce Nordics was founded in the summer of 2015 and it currently employs some 30 professionals in Finland and Sweden. The company is owned by the managing co-founders and a number of investors.

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