Yubico (private company)

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Stockholm, Palo Alto
Business model:

Total investments received (USD) - 30.24M


We founded Yubico in 2007 with a prototype of our YubiKey invention and the mission to make secure online identities truly ubiquitous.

The YubiKey 4 is the strong authentication bullseye the industry has been aiming at for years, enabling one single key to secure an unlimited number of applications.

Yubico’s 4th generation YubiKey is built on high-performance secure elements. It includes the same range of one-time password and public key authentication protocols as in the YubiKey NEO, excluding NFC, but with stronger public/private keys, faster crypto operations and the world’s first touch-to-sign feature.

With the YubiKey 4 platform, we have further improved our manufacturing and ordering process, enabling customers to order exactly what functions they want in 500+ unit volumes, with no secrets stored at Yubico or shared with a third-party organization. The best part? An organization can securely customize 1,000 YubiKeys in less than 10 minutes.

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