The Entrepreneurial Society: How to build it?

Copenhagen / Pier47, 47 Langelinie Allé
Denmark 17 January 2019
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Why don't we start the new year with a big question: How do we build a truly entrepreneurial society?

A place where it is not only possible to create great companies. But where entrepreneurship is a shared value across our institutions, companies, and social communities. Where everybody says - from your first grade teacher to your mother in law - "if it's not right, let's build something better!"

To help us answer this we invited two smart people to stop by: Minister for Higher Education and Science, Tommy Ahlers & Sissel Hansen, Founder and CEO of Startup Guide.

16.00-17.00: Live conversation with Tommy Ahlers & Sissel Hansen
17.00-18.00: Beers + networking

The speakers will most definitely take questions from the audience. Got a question already now? Send it to:

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