Northzone - investor profile. Cheat sheet with facts and info.

Northzone is one of the oldest and more traditional venture company from the Nordics. The company was founded in 1996 and since then transitioned from a provincial local player operating from Norway to a fully-fledged investor with international scope headquartered in London.

We produced a detailed report about Northzone's scope and modus operandi, covering topics such as:

- their thematic investment approach
- Northzone's team background and distribution
- the partners founder/operator/investor ratio
- their US-based investments and the Nordic vs the rest of the world approach
- country, industry and business model analysis of their investments from the past 18 months
- what are Northzone's preferred co-investors

All these and much more are available in the Northzone's cheat sheet profile that can be accessed from here.

The Cheat Sheet section is provided complimentary with the data access to all N9 customers. You can read one report at will for free (you need an account though).

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