Ageras announced an investment deal of DKK 450 million backed by Lugard Road Capital.

Denmark Netherlands United States 20 February 2021

Ageras, a Copenhagen, Denmark-based company operating a B2B marketplace for accountants and other service providers for SMEs, announced getting into an investment deal of DKK 450M ($73.5M).

The deal involves also an equity raise provided by Lugard Road Capital, the affiliate of the American hedge fund Luxor Capital Group, and by existing investor Rabo Frontier.

The main owner of Ageras is Investcorp, which acquired 60% of the company in 2017. Rabo Frontier become a shareholder in 2020 when Ageras acquired the Utrecht, Netherlands-based Tellow, a developer of an accounting tool for freelancers.

Ageras, founded in 2011 by CEO Rico Andersen and Martin Hegelund, developed an online platform offering matching services to small and medium-sized enterprises and micro-businesses, connecting them with professional services providers such as accountants and lawyers. The platform has 340,000 users and is active in six countries in Europe and the United States.

Total investments received (USD): 73.48M